Should women be drafted during war-time?

Posted by: voxcaussae

The U.S Selective Service has the ability to call up any man during a military crisis. Recent laws have enabled women to fight on the front lines. Should the selective service be modified to include women as well?

  • Yes

  • No

54% 15 votes
46% 13 votes
  • I don think anyone should get drafted I'm against it. But if one sex is drafted the other should be too. Its only fair. And other side, women fight for equal pay because they deserve equal pay. You say " well think about how men have to fight in the military. Women don't have to" Well, women want to and they have been fighting for equal rights to serve in the military for years now.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • Complete BS, how can a country like USA be sexist in this manner?

  • If you draft one gender, draft the other. Either that or abolish the draft entirely (which I think is preferable).

  • They fought for equal rights, they should be forced to fight for their country like men are.

  • The military has just been forced to open every role to women so now they have no excuse what so ever to not be included in the national draft. If all you bloody women want equality why stop here.

  • jesus

  • It is inherently sexist and anti-equality to have one gender be required to sign up for something that could be life threatening and the other not. Feminists fight for equality but then say that women shouldn't have to fight for the draft.

  • Yes I believe both should be drafted if physically and mentally fit to. If your saying that you should stay and take care of kids or not good at fighting. Well if you actually have kids then fine stay but if you don't then join and if you can't fight that's exactly what basic training is for it's called basic because basic people can learn. If your to afraid to stand up to fight for your own freedom during a crisis and you wanna send someone to do it for you knowing they could die. Then you truly don't care and obviously don't have any kind emotions

  • We got men for the job. Now, women, if you think you got less rights than men, and complain about your pay, think about these men. Or join the army during the war. Then complain/

  • "Women are nothing but machines for producing children."-Napoleon Bonaparte. Let the women choose to either prove themselves or prove Napoleon right.

  • No one should be drafted

  • Women need to stay home and take care of children

  • unlike most of the people who are commenting saying that women should just look after the babies back at home, and that they would be bad at fighting, I see no problem with female soldiers- however, I feel that no one should be drafted at all, and that it is an inherently flawed system so I would not be on the side of women being drafted, or men being drafted.

  • If you want to win than no. It would be a great way to lose the war however.

  • First off, there shouldn't be a draft. Secondly, women are usually physically weaker and not up to the standards of the military. Most women who got chosen wouldn't qualify unless we lowered standards, which would bring the whole military down.

  • biologically

  • Women can't possibly do the things that a man can do, usually. They should be able to sign up by choice though.

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jaksunmadness says2015-04-30T21:45:15.9634972-05:00
Feminists and women studies major should all be auto drafted and sent to the frontlines with no weapons or training. After all anything men can do women can do. That includes inventing their own experiences to create weapons and battle tactics on the fly with no "manmade" weapons or training regime.
Stefy says2015-04-30T22:19:01.4310644-05:00
1) jaksunmadness: Stop being a jerk 2) I don't think that anybody should ever be drafted. But if men are drafted then women should also be drafted.
PureLogic says2015-05-02T00:32:49.3676201-05:00
@jaksunmadness Why does no one understand that feminism is a belief in gender equality. It is not a belief that women are superior, or that they are all great at everything. And also, male soldiers do not create their own weapons. Most of them don't have a clue how guns are built. Don't pretend that every man could just build a gun and win a war with no help.
voxcaussae says2015-05-02T06:56:43.0646492-05:00
@PureLogic People get that feminism is a movement for gender equality. However, you can look on hundreds of feminist websites out there and find that no one really talks about the draft. If women want to complain about pay inequality and how oppressed they are, then maybe they should take the full responsibilities of being a male. I don't know about you people, but I don't want to die in Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, China, or Vietnam, I want to die by my own intentions, not that of my war-mongering government.
Texas14 says2015-05-02T21:40:37.4151812-05:00
If there is a draft, then yes. There shouldn't be a draft though.
voxcaussae says2015-05-03T08:34:24.1068142-05:00
For all of you saying that the draft should be abolished, who will fight for the United States during a foreign invasion when we lose all our existing military?

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