Should women be forced to keep their virginity?

Posted by: SeniorSherlock

The number one reason is a non virgin woman is hundreds of times more likely to cheat, and the second is it is just plain gross being in the same place that thousands of other guys could have been... And there are so many more reasons.

  • Yes

  • No

12% 5 votes
88% 36 votes
  • To Shadowguy, I know... That's what's funny about it... When that happens and her future husband asks why she doesn't have one. I don't actually agree with the Yes side.

  • I want a pure wife

  • This is basically advocating for women to be treated like property.

  • There is no evidence behind your claim. Not only is there no evidence behind your claim but the assumptions you're making are irrational, bigoted and idiotic.

  • It is a violation of rights and freedom to force women to keep their virginity. Why on earth should you be able to determine that for all women. Horrible idea!

  • No, but in response to Donald a woman eventually loses the hymen anyway. You could be a virgin, and not have it, but it usually depends on age.

  • It would be a violation of rights otherwise, however we should not confuse this with under age sex, which is totally unacceptable.

  • You can do whatever you want.

  • Not forced of course, but recommended.

  • If women want to fvck, that is their right. If women want to fvck women, that is their right. The stone ages are calling and they want their misogyny back

    Posted by: Sitara
  • This is obviously a stupid question.

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Shadowguynick says2013-09-03T16:05:11.2457802-05:00
Oh, lol donald.
Mikal says2013-09-04T02:37:50.0246699-05:00
How can you argue they should forced to remian virgins. WTF, I am mind blown that 4 people voted for that
donald.keller says2015-12-12T07:10:14.0946286Z
Lol I remember all the idiots thinking I was actually on the yes side XD

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