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stephannoi says2017-01-14T08:42:22.0946849Z
I don't agree with women go to work ,why should they ?Men and women are different so there is nothing to compare.Men are Ofcourse always superior above women.
stephannoi says2017-01-14T08:45:55.4870849Z
Men are stronger and wiser than women.By physically and emotionally,they are much more equipped to hazard work.
HAwoman says2017-01-14T17:09:55.2119404Z
You're either an idiot or a troll.
HAwoman says2017-01-14T17:10:41.0915404Z
Either way, delete your account.
stephannoi says2017-01-14T17:33:17.6491946Z
I just don't believe in gender equality.
stephannoi says2017-01-14T17:34:38.6599946Z
Women should stay at home and be a housewife.
awlma says2017-04-02T04:39:30.2277631Z
It is simply natural that people of both sex work at home and out of the home. Your idea is just a silly fantasy sorry

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