Should women go to jail for false rape accusations?

Posted by: J.tenormen

Pleas explain why or why not

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okaiser says2019-06-15T09:45:45.9746020Z
I believe jail is not good enough of a punishment, If rape charges were declared false and/or the person responsible for the charges admitted to lying, A very large fee would be much more effective along with a mark on your record. To be more specific when i say fee, I mean a large sum, Such as upwards of $10. 000 up to say, $100, 000 or even more depending on the degree.
Serif says2019-06-22T05:58:19.0354487Z
Entirely, A false rape accusation ruins the life of the victim, Even if they are not convicted. It has happened time and time again, One of the primary examples of this occurring is the Duke University Lacrosse Scandal where three white students were accused of raping a black stripper. Of course there was no evidence for this what so ever, But yet still the racism card was played simply because these boys were white. Their homes were vandalized, They were suspended from their team, And the judge deliberately ignored evidence that would have exonerated the boys. There is indeed a rape culture, That culture compels us to convict men based off the claims of a few women alone.
Submissive_Lucy says2019-06-23T18:23:04.1693311Z
Rape accusations ruin men's lives in today's western society. If rape is to stay illegal and taboo, Women should at the very least get tortured for false accusations!
Fairly-Debatable says2019-07-13T07:50:32.1530247Z
At least they don't get hounded by the media in jail; I think false accusers should have to go to a news conference and have their names broadcasted before they get locked up for life, And it should be life; rape is a serious thing, And if that's what it takes to get self-entitled women to take it seriously, Then that's what should happen. The MeToo movement is not there to be weaponized like a Yelp review.
jess123 says2019-07-14T09:09:36.7659685Z
I believe that yes they should. If the man had been wrongly convicted then he could get a maximum of 15 years in prison ( 20 years in certain circumstances ). If any person trys to get someone else in prison for that amount of time and they are innocent then I believe the prosecutor should have the right to send that person to prison for at least half of the time they would have gotten if they where charged guilty as this may have been an outcome. Even having a rape accusation on your record can ruin a person life as in some jobs ( like a teacher, Social worker, Medical practitioner ) you need a pass to work with children and they look at your criminal record. This could lower your chancers of getting this pass.

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