Should women in tennis get paid equally to men?

Posted by: ssammut98

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  • Yes

  • No

74% 14 votes
26% 5 votes
  • Men's tennis is more popular, and therefore generates more money, so the men deservedly earn more money.

  • Fans pay entrance fees to watch tennis matches. If more people watch men's tennis matches than womens tennis matches, then they should make more money.

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hadesdaughter99 says2014-06-15T19:50:23.9970247-05:00
Women should be treated equally like at the australian open they have fire works for men but nothing for women. It is really sexist. ~Pineapple Joeeeee ahahaha
diddleysquat says2014-06-15T20:42:35.3756572-05:00
Of course they should be paid equally - provided their matches contain the same number of sets as the men's fixtures.

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