Should you let kids play M rated games.

Posted by: democratblake

More and more kids are playing these violent M rated games are they OK for kids 15 and under.

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democratblake says2014-06-02T18:35:59.5952440-05:00
I just want to say thank you to everyone who voted.
Seido says2014-06-02T18:56:35.7267648-05:00
It depends on the kid. While age certainly plays a role in a person's development, not everyone develops at the same pace. One kid might have the maturity of an adult at the age of 12, while another might not have that same level of maturity until he/she is 37. Whether or not a kid can play a game should be left up to his/her legal guardian, who should know their child best.
hd1997 says2014-06-02T19:45:50.8955794-05:00
No because of all the foul language they have
SGM_iz_SekC says2014-06-02T19:52:57.6520747-05:00
@hd1997 If that is your reasoning, then we shouldn't let children under 15 go to a public school, because kids use foul language in school all the time!
Auragirl360 says2014-06-02T20:07:37.6485815-05:00
@Juan. I'm under 17 years old, have played violent video games all of my life unsupervised and I'm now a peace promoting Buddhist. Video games don't contribute that hugely to violence, attitudes do. My parents taught me in a relaxed and fair way, without too many rules, so I felt less tempted to break them. I only had one major tantrum in my childhood and was well behaved ever since. So, video games might set kids off, but not if they're responsible enough to handle it. But, if the kid is violent to another kid or someone else, don't even consider letting them play it.
Dishoungh says2014-06-02T22:32:07.3227694-05:00
No, not until my child is old enough. What I mean by "old enough" is when I feel that my child has matured enough to the extent where he has the ability to make proper choices and he can differentiate right from wrong. Now, I'm not going to wait until he's 17 to play because age is nothing, but a number. The age I'm talking about here is mental maturity.
hd1997 says2014-06-02T22:48:23.0654306-05:00
I went to a charter school and i still do.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-06-03T03:03:30.1569994-05:00
I played violent video games when I was younger and I went on a violent killing spree. Oh, wait did I just confess to something?
democratblake says2014-06-03T18:43:05.2076616-05:00
Breaking news one of the mass shooting may have been caused by video games
debate_power says2014-06-04T20:56:41.9236758-05:00
I'm a die-hard pacifist; I'm really not into violence. I'm probably one of the least aggressive people I know.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-06-05T01:47:26.9823826-05:00
Extra breaking news they either blame the video game as an escape goat or they are actually crazy and would of done it anyways.
hd1997 says2014-06-05T09:20:50.8120460-05:00
Violent games are stupid
hd1997 says2014-06-13T08:17:29.1374619-05:00
I hate violent games
hd1997 says2014-06-20T12:48:45.6570608-05:00
We should not play M rated game not unless you are old enough

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