Should you or your parents choose your bedtime?

Posted by: doglover5779

Think about it, not for fun but for real reasons.

  • You choose bedtime

  • Parent/Guardian chooses budtime

44% 7 votes
56% 9 votes
  • I feel as if you should be able to choose it yourself growing up as long as it's sensible, if not parents step in. As no young children are really sensible about their bedtime it would always be parents.

  • When your younger you don't normally know what best for you, when you get a little older i see why you would want to stay up later but still don't know what you really need

  • If I was allowed to choose my bedtime I would've never slept. Parents (most of the time) know what is best for their child because they have had more experience.

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joejoe6740 says2016-12-09T18:15:40.5319691Z
We are the best we should choose

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