Should you spank children?

Posted by: Spiffy-Gonzalez

Poll closed on 9/15/2018 at 11:11AM.
  • Yes.

  • No

51% 31 votes
49% 30 votes
  • I think it depends on the situation and the child. Different children respond differently with forms of discipline than others, but saying that I think starting from a smaller punishment and working up is the best way.

  • Unlike my opponent, I think that spanking a child, when necessary, is a tool to parents. If a child is doing something that he/she should really not be doing the parent needs to get the point across to the child why. If the child refuses to listen to the parent and continues to do it, then the parent should spank him not until it hurts, but till it's uncomfortable. Spanking should not be your go-to discipline tool, but it should but secondary. Another thing that my opponent is against is timeouts. A child does not want to be bored. What is one question that you hear from young children the most? It's "why". Why? because they have a wanting for knowledge. When a child is put in time out they become bored and ask themselves why, what they did, was bad. Check out morality by common sense. That is what I suggest.

  • If i wasnt spanked as a kid, i wouldnt be who i was.

  • My parents used to do it to me when I was 8+ and I learned not to do what they told me not to do

  • If my mom didnt spank me, I would still be an ahole.

  • Always in modern history the fearful form of punishment for refusal to obey a command made by a parent.

  • Shouldn't be done just because, but only when they have done something they really shouldn't have. Teach them that it is not okay to punch a teacher.

    Posted by: Micro
  • Kids are all ways trying to get away with stuff that is not allow I know my kids do and guess what I do I SPANK them OK. I don't care if you think its not appropriate but I do OK if you just tell them not to do it again they WILL do it again OK I tried the nice way but I did not work so there.

  • There is a fine line between punishing your child and abuse, but so long as you keep it within reason then I see no problem with it

  • i have one brother me and him are totally different people you can give him a stern talking to and hell won't do it again. I am much different, I learn through pain my entire life i've been thick "skulled". (i know its not a word but pretend it is for sake of the argument). now I dont think spanking should be the first tool you reach for as a parent but I do think it should be in your tool box. I'm not a parent but as a child I still understand the necessity. just take a step back and look at the differences most of the people I know that were not spanked have ethire dropped out of high school and/or ended up in jail. the ones who were punished are going to college or joining the military, I ship in a few months for the united states marine corps. just remember sometimes you need to step back and think about the person and how you should go about the punishment. and before someone goes "ABUSE ABUSE!" punishment is planned and controlled abuse is out of the blue and "unrelenting" for lack of a better term.

  • Yes bdsm. and it teaches discipine and if you associate thing with fear or pain they wont do it again, unless theyre into bdsm. Then you just gotta spank them them harder.

  • 100% yes. Sometimes good parents need to be tough. When you hurt a child for no reason, thats child abuse. When you spank a child for misbehaving, thats being a good parent. As a wise man once said kids aren't getting enough vitamin N aka the word no

  • The pictures used is misleading and most parents just slap there Botom. So my answer is yes

  • I believe firmly that spanking isn't a good way to teach a child. I believe in talking out problems and behaviors, and letting them help come up with an appropriate solution. Same also goes for time-outs. What does it really teach? Checkout The Explosive Child by Ross W. Greene. That is what I suggest.

  • Ow

  • Death.

  • This can be a form of abuse which can lead a child to depression and suicide. There are no research studies showing that spanking is beneficial for children.

  • Because nothing sounds like good parenting when they're hurting their kids 10/10 logic right there

  • Spanking children creates a culture of violence within the home. This teaches the child that violence and bullying is okay when ironically, this is the opposite of what parents try to accomplish through spanking. Children are smarter than we give them credit for and when we spank them, they realize that it is only a matter of time before they can do that to other people. This is why we must learn to teach them right from wrong instead of beating it into them. Spanking is a politically correct way to say beating, and at the end of the day, it is a barbaric practice that should be outlawed.

  • Children have the right to do whatever the fuck they want within the law of there country.

  • This world is ridiculous. We should persuade with the words from our tongues, not with the pain from our hands. That's just showing how involved and aggressive most people are.

  • I will say that when my children were young, I did spank them on maybe four or five occasions each. In retrospect, I think them being spanked was more about my frustration, Than about teaching the kids something. These spankings are probably my biggest regret as a parent.

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debater012 says2018-07-10T18:07:55.8646740Z
A mum and dad is meant to make you feel safe. But they don't make you feel safe if they spank YOU. PURE LOGIC. RIGHT HERE.
annabanana20 says2018-07-29T17:26:14.0893413Z
Nah it’s wrong it’s only teaching kids to hurt their enemies. It’s basically physical abuse

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