Shouldn't all lives matter?

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madness says2016-11-14T16:51:29.9062332Z
In society we accept fat people. They like you or I, are just ordinary people with a problem, some have even called the problem of being fat “a self-inflicted disease” Certainty being fat is not good, not by any means. For those who would believe being fat is good I will present a quick argument. Health problems ect… I’m a personal trainer and I used to be overweight, but I worked hard to lose it and I think other can do the same. In society we accept fat people, but some people like myself encourage them to lose weight, we, for many years have tried to motivate them, but the obesity rate is rising, so it’s clear our encouragement is not enough. Keep in mind “encouragement is a carrot method of motivating someone. However it seems that the problem is, fat people just eat the carrot and get fatter. In some case the positive attention/encouragement fat people get for being fat only motivates them to get fatter for more attention, it’s a vicious cycle. So now the carrot has failed and been eaten, it’s time for the stick. What is the stick you might ask? Ladies and gentlemen I present to you “shame.” We now understand, in some cases simply encouraging fat people only will only make them fatter. The fact that I want to point out is that obesity is rising. How can we constructively use shame (stick) to motivate fat people to lose weight? Below I will present my ideas. Use the word ‘fat’ constructively by ensuring your tone is firm yet considerate and passive-aggressive. This will ensure the word “fat” and being fat is in bedded into society as a negative term. Thus allowing fat people to understand their condition is negative. Be a role model. Demonstrate to others how you are mentally in control of food, and how you choose to enjoy living the fat free life. Then give examples of where other “fat” people go wrong. After seeing a comparison like that many people will see the dramatic difference between the two life-styles, this should hit home that not just being fat, but the “fat life-style” is undesirable. Be proactive and deliver constructive fat warnings. If you observe loved ones becoming too fat, sit them down and explain your concern with a serious tone. You must let them know that what they’re doing is wrong. Always explain why you are being anti-fat. If you are talking ‘fat’ then it must always come from a good place. You are talking about it because you care. Being too fat is becoming a common occurrence for too many. Many try diets and fail badly. Perhaps fat shaming isn’t so bad after all. This is so i can save some work ive done during a debate as i did this at work sorry!!!!! Ignore it!!!

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