Shrek vs. Hulk

Posted by: Ethan14

Who would win in a duel? Shrek or Hulk?

42 Total Votes


Shrek beat up a lot of people along with donkey in Shrek one. He is pretty tough in the video games too.
19 votes


Hulk has immense strength and can recover from damage quickly.
17 votes
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Link puts on the Giant's Mask and creams both Hulk and Shrek with a few deadly swings of the gilded sword.
6 votes
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TalkingWaffle69 says2015-09-29T17:24:45.0365521Z
Shrek is love...Shrek is life...
hcd1997 says2015-10-06T16:47:45.0879707Z
Shrek sucks
Ethan14 says2015-10-20T20:40:40.9745027Z
Now Shrek is winning? People must not be taking my poll seriously, but when a third answer is put in on a 1 Vs. 1 poll, the poll itself isn't serious. Hulk destroyed an object larger than Earth, I believe.
Chrome113 says2015-10-23T22:30:50.1913746Z
Why is Link in this poll when he is not in the title?
Chrome113 says2015-10-23T22:31:10.3902789Z
Why is Link in this poll when he is not in the title?
hcd1997 says2015-10-23T23:04:00.5952493Z
I think you mean was now look #HulkisbeaHulkislife
Ethan14 says2015-10-23T23:06:24.4216167Z
@Chrome113, Just because Shrek and Hulk are in a massive fight doesn't mean it is physically impossible for Link to come along and slice Hulk in half and cream Shrek with his Giant's Mask. Maybe Sonic wants to run in wreak havoc also?
Ethan14 says2015-10-23T23:07:34.5761658Z
*and wreak havoc*
j.hunter16 says2017-09-27T09:13:42.4526451Z
I like shrek
j.hunter16 says2017-09-27T09:14:16.8822865Z
Shronky mmy donky

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