Since gay marriage is legal, should incest, pedophilia, bestiality, and inanimate object marriage be legal too?

Posted by: SegBeg

  • Yes. (and why)

  • No. (and why)

19% 9 votes
81% 39 votes
  • Love IS love right? Who are you to stop a mother and her son from marrying? Who are you to prevent a middle aged man and a 3 years old boy or girl from marrying? Who are you to stop a man and his 100 girlfriends from marrying? Who are you to stop a person and their dog from marrying? Who are you to stop a person and their guitar from marrying? After all Love IS love right? Love trumps everything else right? So should that mean these poor people who dearly and sincerely love each other should marry. By this logic, of course it does. (pun intended!)

    Posted by: SegBeg
  • I'm against the idea of all these types of marriages, but what is now the definition of marriage now because of these new "Gay Marriages" the standard for marriage in the sense of government has been hugely diminished.

  • There are two institutions for marriage I consider: Religious and Legal. I don't usually consider the latter marriage, I consider it a contract. So, if it is a contract I don't see any reason why the terms of the contract cannot be changed. Most notably to include more than two people, i.e., polygamy. However, because it is a contract it requires a few things such as an age requirement and for the person to be legally capable. So, of the things mentioned in the poll question, only incest would be one that could be considered. ||As for marriage as a religious institution - anything could be possible, it entirely depends on the religion.

  • Absolutely, because according to the LGBT movement's idiotic "Love is Love" catchphrase, all forms of perversion disguised as "love" must be respected and valued.

  • love who/what you love, as long as there is consent,

  • I hate the concept of "legal". Screw society and its made-up crooked laws. Who the hell does the collective think they are telling anyone what they can or can't do? People need to mind their own business!

  • Incest: no because it is proved that this is a direct cause of birth defects Pedophilia: no because a child is under the age of consent may not b aware of what they are consenting to. Bestiality: A animal does not have the same since of morals as humans do and cannot consent. Inanimate: although you can have intercourse with a object that object cannot consent to being married.

    Posted by: Iacov
  • Some form of marriages should be legal but pedophilia is a definite no! I agree with some of things like bestiality and I guess incest cause I guess love is love but pedophilia is not love and never will be. Kids are to young to make decisions on who they love and influencing them at a young age can pose some serious threats and issues to the kids mind and health. Personally all pedophiles should be lined up against a wall and executed in my opinion for targeting innocent children. Like I said I agree with most of this polls ideas but I had to vote NO due to the fact that Pedophilia was involved It is sick and unjust. Anyone who is attracted to children needs to be reformed if not then the noose waits for them.

  • Stupid question because these other things are not in the same realm as gay marriage. How childish and reprehensible can you idiots be on this "debate" site? You act like Fox news wanna be pundits. Grow the hell up.

  • Well let's see, gay marriage is just two people consenting to be in a relationship. Incest on the other hand is not only questionable ethically, it also will lead to degenerate offspring. Kids are too young to be engages in sexual relationships, which throws pedophilia out of the window, and animals can't consent. Even if animals could consent, bestiality is just plain out ridiculous. Inanimate object marriages on the other hand are plain stupidity.

  • No, the only sane people will fight against the degeneracy and homosexual marriage is no exception, so it will be weed out soon or later. Believe it or not, polygamists are using homosexual marriage as an example to support the practice of polygamy. It's basically, "It's all about "consent", bah, bah, so it's fine". Guess what, people? The consent without the weight of ethics, morals, and responsibility is not good enough!

  • This is moronic. Gay marriage isn't the same as incest, pedophilia and bestiality.

  • While I said no the question, I am still all for gay marriage. I support incest but I only said no because I don't agree with the other things. Otherwise, this is one of the most ignorant questions I've ever stumbled upon.

  • This is a stupid question. Gay marriage is in a completely different spectrum compared to incest, pedophilia, ect. These things are illegal for a reason, you know?

  • Incest is illegal to prevent inbreeding. Pedophilia is illegal because CHILDREN CANNOT GIVE KNOWING CONSENT! Beastiality is illegal because ANIMALS CANNOT GIVE ANY CONSENT! And I realize this also applies to the animals, but you cannot marry something that cannot say I do, so marrying an object is simply nonsensical.

  • gay marriage shouldn't even be legal. its evil. all those types of marriage listed are evil.

  • How dare you compare gay marriage to things like beastiality

  • Two adults can consent. Animals and children cannot consent.

  • Marriage is about family not love. A couple gets married to show that the husband is the owner of the wife and his children. If the man & woman find that they no longer love each other, then the marriage forces them to stay together.

  • Gay marriage is nothing like incenst, pedophilia, or bestiality. Being gay just means youre attracted to people of the same gender. Thats nothing like being intimate with a family member, a young child, or an animal.

  • No you idiot. Stop being a smart ass and educate yourself on the subject

  • So many different issues here and none of them have anything to do with gay marriage.

    Posted by: Button
  • Absolutely not, all of it is against the law of God

  • There is no correlation between any of these things. A gay person is still a human. Gay marriage isn't between members of the same family (in most cases, that is) so that rules incest out. If a person is in "love" with an animal, it's safe to say they're joking, have a mental disorder, or have found their way to the weird side of tumblr. Humans have different morals than animals and the comparison shouldn't be made - so that rules bestiality out. Also, inanimate objects? Same logic as with bestiality, the object can't consent, can't sign marriage papers, and you'd have to be pretty messed up to want to engage in a relationship with it. So to conclude, the comparison between gay marriage and these three things should not be made.

  • No, we have tk draw the line somewhere. THIS is where we draw the line. I hate people who use this argument. That's like saying "So since weed is legal should we start legalling cocaine and heroin." It's just taking something we legalized and taking it to an extreme. Same sex marriage should be legal. No more, no less.

  • No. Some things are just nasty and not right. You can only go so far with this equality and everything‚Äôs legal crap.

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SegBeg says2016-09-15T19:03:44.7421001Z
@Karlmarx, You don't like my polls- GET OUT OF HERE and stop trolling me. Why put yourself through all this anger when you can simply avoid it? CLEAR OFF IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY POLLS!!! NO ONE'S FORCING YOU TO LOOK AT THEM!!!!
SegBeg says2016-09-15T19:05:18.6235019Z
Also, I reported your comment.
Knaveslayer99 says2016-09-15T19:05:22.3519258Z
@KarlMarx59 be ashamed of your and your ignorant ways and yes animals don't give informed consent usually it's women that have a thing for animals and usually the animal is happy to mount her. People like are you are literally the reason Marx wrote what he fucking wrote you are aware that Marx was against gays right? He disliked them (Due to a lack of scientific stuff and views back then) You also call people like Lenin a monster go back to your fucking rock and disappear you using Marx's name as a username is an insult to such a great and honest human being.
Knaveslayer99 says2016-09-15T19:07:18.9477111Z
@KarlMarx59 don't insult Segbeg and call them a moron insulting someone online and calling them pathetic just proves how low and how much of a dirtbag you are. Get off the sight with your fucking fascist opinions and insults.
SegBeg says2016-09-15T20:40:53.1355890Z
I knew most people would say no. That just means they are inconsistent. You're against incest because of the genetic problems it can have on the offspring. You're against pedophilia because the child can't consent. You're against bestiality because of potential genetic mutations and you're against inanimate objects because it's pointless. Well GREAT! Those are all reasons why these relations should be illegal. However there are harmful things about homosexuality. (warning: this is politically incorrect- these comments might offend someone) Don't you know homosexual men are more likely to catch HIV/AIDS?
triangle.128k says2016-09-15T20:43:33.0074634Z
@SegBeg A higher chance of HIV/AIDS (which can easily be prevented) is minuscule in comparison to what other "sexualities" cause. Degenerate children and children being rapes are much more notable issues than whatever downsides can be associated with homosexuality.
triangle.128k says2016-09-15T20:44:02.2687278Z
Knaveslayer99 says2016-09-15T21:02:40.2223248Z
@Segbeg I'm not 100% Incest while it can have it's issue and faults it isn't as bad everyone makes it out (I'm not a fan of incest) but most forget that most of the whole Roman Army was inbred. I don't care if someone marries an animal or a chair or anything. I'm just more concerned because forcing stuff like marriage and other things on children is basically brainwashing them. They can't think for themselves and are still developing it just isn't fair to force something upon a child at that age.
Wolfram says2016-09-15T21:19:04.0587846Z
@karlmarx59. So if it's about consent, so it's fine? Nope. The consent must weigh with ethics, morals, and responsibilities. Besides, polygamy practices are an example of "consent." The consent necessarily doesn't mean "vocal consent" or "informed consent", because the consent can be interpreted through by the body language. Your way of thinking is so flawed that you tried to jump on people's stance against homosexuality, you magically landed on your head. In other words, you've done nothing but insulted your own intelligence.
ThePostMarxist says2016-09-19T08:37:43.5251062Z
I'm curious as to how gay marriage follows on to incest and pedophilia? They are entirely unrelated
sdenker says2016-09-20T13:10:16.8230814Z
Maybe I wasn't clear enough. Incest, pedophilia, etc. are not sexual orientations. Having a sexual orientation is the PERSON you are attracted to, the type of gender you are attracted to. Let's say I am a woman. Attracted to men? Straight. Attracted to women? Gay. Attracted to both or more? Bisexual. And on and on. Being attracted to a certain species or age group is not an orientation.
perfectwing says2016-09-22T04:57:18.6027658Z
Equating these is pretty disgusting.

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