Since Russia is a powerful and officially democratic nation, should it also be entrusted to keep the peace, maintain democracy in the world, give humanitarian aid to those who need it, and help less developed nations?

Posted by: PetersSmith

America does it, NATO does it, and the UN does it. Does Russia also have the right to do the same as the other democratic nations in the world do?

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No, Russia is not democratic and thus should not have the right to promote peace and democracy

Russia can't be trusted to aid other countries as they will do it only to gain support. They will also cause greater conflicts and they really aren't democratic.
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Yes, Russia should be able to and should be entrusted to do the same as the other nations of the world do

Whether it be humanitarian efforts, military aid, or even intervention, Russia should not be denounced for helping other nations. It should have the same goals as the other democratic nations and all help should be appreciated.
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No country should aid other countries for any reason

All countries should be left to fend for themselves.
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Only terrorist organizations should be trusted with aiding other nations

Terrorist organizations, anarchists, and others who seek to topple world governments can only be trusted with helping other nations. This is because they have the people's best interests at heart.
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Yes, but all nations should be entrusted to do what the rest of the world does

Yes, but all nations should be entrusted to do what the rest of the world does
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No, Russia should not be entrusted to and/or be allowed to promote peace, ensure democracy, and give humanitarian aid to other countries as that is the UN's and NATO's job.

Russia is not part of NATO and the task of aiding other countries should be only given to the nations that already do so the most.
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No, only the United States can be entrusted with humanitarian aid and keeping the peace

We do a fantastic job at aiding other countries and keeping the peace. Without us the world will fall into chaos. We don't need other nations interfering with us, especially because we help the most.
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