Since the plates of the world are moving, should we have borders for countries?

Posted by: Joey888

  • Yes. Borders give people a sense of security.

  • No. Borders ate pointless because the plates will move.

62% 10 votes
38% 6 votes
  • And the Non Sequitur of the day goes to...!!!!

  • Holy non sequitur

  • The moving of tectonic plates takes tens of millions of years to have any significant effect. On the off chance humans are still around in 10,000,000 years, we'll have to re-draw our borders then.

  • Plates move at a negligible speed if we're talking about borders and having to change them because of Tectonic Shift.

  • The oldest countries in the world are just over 2000 years old. In that timespan, the fastest continents have traveled around 18m. If a country's boarder is on land then it will move with the continent, and if it is a boarder with water then the boarder will remain at the coastline.

    Posted by: iQ
  • This is one planet. The plates will move regardless of societal borders, and if a country is split in half because there was a plate gap in the middle, no borders will stop it.

  • Because if the plates are moving the borders would be changing all the time.

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