Since we are determined to have a muslim-sympathizer as president, should we elect Malala?

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Emilrose says2014-12-02T11:47:04.6464019-06:00
Hilarious that she gave money to Gaza when her own people need it.
tahir.imanov says2014-12-02T11:52:51.2427583-06:00
Funny thing about it is, Muslim majority country (Kyrgyzstan) elected not just its first female president, but also an atheist president (Roza Otunbayeva).
dbushwacker says2014-12-02T14:31:08.0411581-06:00
I never read the book and I don't know who this woman is either, but personally a Muslim-sympathizer would most likely be bad for the country anyways in the sense that everyone would immediately flag her as an enemy. She would be insulted at every turn and spurned by politicians, you think racism was bad when Obama was running, try having an Arabic woman as president at this day and age. It just spells trouble.
menacEko says2014-12-02T18:51:15.6641433-06:00
Dbushwacker: well said. Also it depends on what we feel the word sympathizer means as far as to Muslims. Is she going to be bias towards the Muslims? Support only their needs and no one elses? Or is she one of those people who feel the Muslims are the modern day Japanese, Germans or Russians, and they don't get their fair shake? Although I don't see how bad racism was with Obama... If we were that racist he would have won, no?
menacEko says2014-12-02T18:51:48.9557507-06:00
*wouldn't have won
Flib says2014-12-03T08:07:27.8406923-06:00
By Muslim sympathizer do you mean Obama isn't a bigoted red neck piece of trash?
dbushwacker says2014-12-03T10:27:51.7950915-06:00
@menaceko perhaps, but I could tell you that there some people here that were pretty racially biased, or at least unhappy that they would have to vote in an African-American for their political party. Perhaps it wasn't so much racism as it was that politics have just become who can do what first, such that I mean that Obama probably would not have been elected had the democrats not considered electing the first African-American to presidential office. But on second thought, he did make some pretty heavy promises, not that there weren't other reasons why people elected him to office if you kind of catch what I'm getting at.
menacEko says2014-12-03T10:34:30.6195783-06:00
@dbushwalker No has to vote for anyone they don't want to, and a person has the right to be racist as well, as silly as that sounds. No one forced a white person to vote for Obama if he did not like him because of the color of his skin. I'll always post this quote regarding racial issues... "I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." - Dr. Martin Luther King. I think Barrack Obama is a terrible President, and I thought that in 2008... Not because I am white and he is black, but because the man clearly lacked experience. I'd vote for a guy like Colin Powell or Herman Cain, or Condoleeza Rice any day of the week.
pavlovringsabell says2015-09-30T21:07:29.9914344Z
She legally couldn't be President of the US. But she is a great young woman and one of the better members of my own generation regardless of the faith she follows

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