Since women can vote and have equal pay, does that mean that feminism isn't necessary anymore?

Posted by: Sophia13

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Yes, feminism is no longer necessary

37 votes

No, feminism is still necessary

32 votes
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Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-24T09:46:31.7962965-05:00
It depends on what level of feminism. I personally believe that there are certain issues that feminism helps with. But then you also have the crazy extreme side of feminism which I disagree with.
TBR says2015-04-24T10:07:28.1050064-05:00
" and have equal pay " - Since when? Did I wake up to a new reality?
Sophia13 says2015-04-24T10:25:44.7555392-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe If by "crazy extreme side of feminism" you mean the feminazis, then I totally agree. I am a feminist, but NOT a feminazi, so I believe that women should be equal to men, not better than them. @TBR: Women do have equal pay in some places, but where I live, they still get paid a few cents less than men per hour. I believe it's 23 cents.
lannan13 says2015-04-24T10:28:06.1141651-05:00
I mean it may not apply for it's original goals, but I find that it's newer goals are pretty bad.
TBR says2015-04-24T10:44:10.3444965-05:00
Sophia13 - "I am a feminist, but NOT a feminazi". Well good for you. How nice to split the group into "Good" and "Bad" for everyone. "Women do have equal pay in some places, but where I live, they still get paid a few cents less than men per hour. I believe it's 23 cents." OK, first, your question then is wrong, as I pointed out. Second, a "few" cents less is NOT "few". 77% of equal pay is hardly insignificant.
komododragon8 says2015-04-24T14:12:20.0685796-05:00
Mdmark: could I get a statistic on that.
TBR says2015-04-24T14:16:10.6085320-05:00
@komododragon8 - Hell, I don't care if he gets the stats, I want to know he thinks "Real" feminists is.
komododragon8 says2015-04-24T14:18:07.5611316-05:00
I know I just want him to realize that the vast majority of feminists actually want equality and its only a small percentage which are for misandry.
TBR says2015-04-24T14:31:13.0414422-05:00
I'm still waiting for the OP to reconcile the first statement "Women have equal pay" with later "get paid a few cents less than men per hour. I believe it's 23 cents"
briantheliberal says2015-04-24T15:14:10.3183631-05:00
Since when do women have equal pay?
Stefy says2015-04-24T17:07:14.6740387-05:00
Those are not the only two womens issues.
mostlogical says2015-04-26T04:03:27.4939980-05:00
How can women complain about not receiving equal pay when they get cheaper car insurance? It's disgraceful
Sophia13 says2015-04-26T18:59:22.4527116-05:00
@TBR: My question was asked in such a way to determine how little people really know about women's rights. It is in very few places that women actually have equal pay.
Sophia13 says2015-04-26T19:03:07.6924904-05:00
@mostlogical: I'll admit, I did not know that women got cheaper car insurance. If that is true, that's not right either. Men and women should have equal pay AND pay equal.
TBR says2015-04-26T19:36:29.2503110-05:00
Sophia13 - I don't know that I believe you.
WouldYouKindly says2015-04-27T12:14:45.5626430-05:00
Just because women have rights and equal pay in our country doesn't mean that they have equal pay and rights in other countries. In places like America I say its not needed anymore but a place like Saudi Arabia where they can't vote it is still needed.
mdmark says2015-04-27T12:39:32.3553042-05:00
mostlogical says2015-05-02T04:36:20.5758298-05:00
#sophia13 women do get cheaper car insurance in the U.K. but I think it is fair in other E.U. Countries, not sure what things are like elsewhere though.
mostlogical says2015-06-18T05:54:03.2208333-05:00
I can tell this poll has been created by a feminist because if you are against feminism apparently you must think "feminists are stupid and you should throw rocks at them" - see the t-shirt image! Feminists of every type want to believe men are sexists so that they can feel better about hating men.
Sophia13 says2015-06-18T10:30:41.7650804-05:00
@mostlogical: I am a feminist, however, I have seen "meninists" say things like this. I do think that many men are good people.
Sophia13 says2015-06-18T10:31:18.4101851-05:00
The mere fact that this shirt exists proves that some people think like this, which in itself is a good reason for feminism.
mostlogical says2015-06-18T14:02:40.5444090-05:00
#Sophia13 - I doubt there are any people who wear this t-shirt or think feminists should be stoned, it looks like someone went on a site like shirtcity, typed the text, then just saved the image to show there is a need for feminism
Sophia13 says2015-06-19T10:06:31.6989502-05:00
@mostlogical: Pehaps people would not wear this t-shirt, but I'm sure there are people who would like to do much worse things to feminists than throw rocks at them. I've seen countless self-proclaimed "meninists" talk about how much they'd like to "kill all feminists". Whether or not they'd actually do it is debatable, but there are such people out there.
NumingDisasterAnon says2015-08-02T20:59:52.6129510Z
I cannot vote for this for I am split down the middle on this issue and the question has too large of a spectrum of answers for such a radical dichotomy. I am of the believe that Feminism is no longer necessary for the First World...USA, Canada, UK, so on and so forth. However, the countries of Africa and the Middle East do need a Feminist touch. Though, as I say that, I will also say that while there are some issues the MRA can work upon here in the USA, I think they too would be better used in the impoverished third world. I myself am an Egalitarian and would like all to have equality in opportunity, however not everyone will have equality in outcome, for you need to put the work in yourself to get the favorable outcome.
mostlogical says2015-09-05T11:05:31.7221739Z
How can anyone clever think feminists (i.E. Sexists, ageists, racists etc) are necessary
Humanitarian says2015-10-05T00:33:45.4352604Z
For those saying women don't have equal pay, please look up the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Thank you.
queenmary says2015-11-11T16:55:39.5070532Z
As long as I walk down the street with my key between my fingers for fear of attack, as long as I wear nail polish that checks for roofies, as long as I am told I cannot wear leggings because it distracts boys, as long as I am told I can't do something because I have a vagina, as long as I am told "boys don't like girls who...", as long as I am treated as a second class citizen I will say yes that feminism is still necessary.
MyNameIsSean says2015-11-13T00:39:13.7498862Z
@queenmary So taking precautions for your own safety equates to you being treated like a second class citizen? I'm sorry but i can't take you seriously because of your examples.
400spartans says2015-11-20T06:01:21.5397867Z
@Sophia13 The shirt was meant to be a response to this image: https://40.Media.Tumblr.Com/tumblr_mar6g6JOBD1qbz6ano1_500.Jpg
Rontop says2016-03-02T17:51:44.6726817Z
To all those saying that women aren't paid the same as men, know that that statistic is based on an average of all men and women and not just ones in the same field or with similar jobs. More men take STEM courses in college and thus more men get STEM related (high paying) jobs. Unlike gender studies or liberal arts degrees, which more women take (for some reason yet unknown), there is a high demand for people with STEM degrees and they will get paid more for being over-qualified for the jobs they get even if it is the same job as someone who is barely-qualified.
HailHitler6969 says2016-03-02T18:04:47.8601021Z
F u c k feminism
HailHitler6969 says2016-03-02T18:06:10.7278333Z
Feminists should be removed off the face of this earth
triceracop says2016-03-21T17:31:53.0110010Z
I find this ridiculous crap spouted about "inequal pay" to be nonsense (in MEDCs, of course). Not only is there a LAW dictating that irrespective of gender, you must be paid equally, there's also the fact that you need to think about it logically. If women were allowed to be paid less, surely, just surely, more large companies would hire them, right? I mean, if I can get an employee to work the same amount but pay her less, I'd likely do it. It's not an ethical thing to do, but I'm 90% sure most of us have thought this once or twice. Besides that, I really think this fallacy ("not all feminists") doesn't make much sense. If not all feminists are radicals (which I am aware is true) and the radicals are the minority, why aren't "real" feminists scolding their behaviour? How come they're still such a big problem? It makes me wonder... Like, c'mon, "real" feminists, defend your movement. There is no need to sit back and watch this unacceptable behaviour fall through. That's like saying you're against racism, reading about it, and doing absolutely nothing. In your mind, you may consider yourself anti-racist, but I would call that non-racist. You aren't being racist, but you're doing nothing about an actual problem. This sort of attitude simply isn't good enough.
Coolistomato30 says2016-04-25T16:48:26.2476076Z
Feminism is not only for first world countries, in some places women are slaves, feminism is in the world to correct gender issues.
Coolistomato30 says2016-04-25T17:57:13.3632633Z
Feminism is not only for first world countries, in some places women are slaves, feminism is in the world to correct gender issues.
Feminine says2016-06-13T20:01:06.2470858Z
Feminism has not gone to far, and will not have gone to far until it has achieved it goal... Equality. There are very few places where women are paid equally to men and in many countries women still don't have a vote at all. There are so many examples of how this whole debate is incorrect but I have a life away from this so I shall list but a few. -Loads of countries state that a women cannot divorce their husband yet a man can divorce as many women as he wants, even if the women is raped and abused she has no say in her life -In many ways politics has failed women. There are very, very few female politicians and because of this women's rights are not getting put forward seriously enough in court and parliament. -Women are being blamed for being raped with people saying that 'they were asking for it' or 'if they didn't want it they shouldn't have been there' and, what is worse is, even after they have been caught rapists are not given particularly serious sentences. -Because of our patriarchal society from when children are born they are made to feel like they must fit certain stereotypes. For example the man must be the bread winner and the female must be the carer. I know that in this society women can and do work, but women are often forced to decide between working or caring for it is made almost impossible to do both. -As I said before women are not paid equally to men, even for doing exactly the same job. Sportsmen and women work equally as hard when it comes to training and performing, yet still they are not paid the same. If women cannot make the same amount of money as men they find themselves relying on men instead. This reliance only goes on to fuel our patriarcle society more. Of course there are many, many, many other reasons why this whole debate is just terrible.

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