Single Currency

Posted by: CuteNev

Should there be single currency among the U.S. Canada, and Mexico?

Poll closed on 2/29/2016 at 10:00AM.
  • Yes

  • No

22% 5 votes
78% 18 votes
  • No because our economies and goals are completely different. Havent you learned from the Euro that different countries in different financial states should not share a currency?

  • Like the guy above me said, look at Greece and the Euro to see what happens when multiple countries adopt the same currency. The US's, Canada's, and Mexico's goals and policies are too different to tie together their economies like that.

  • If one currency collapses we will still have other ones too depend on. If we only have one currency and it collapses we are screwed!

  • Not unless they (Mexico and Canada) drop their current governments and are added as U.S. territories (states).

  • Mexico will really F up our currency...

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Kenroy says2016-02-06T01:51:58.8618699Z
They'll be gauranteed to lose their sovereignty bit by bit in the long run. Exactly why allot of europeans and myself are eurosceptic, if the commission can't get us to hand over more jurisdiction. The ECB would probably be able to handle that during times of crisis. Just imagine, trying to force cuts on greek goverment spending and ass kissing of foreign interest without a crisis. Add to that, that is just one country has a crisis. It's bad news for the rest of them too.
BIGC says2016-02-07T19:12:19.2322260Z
Then the whole world can go down with Europe instead of just Europe itself!
triangle.128k says2016-02-11T20:31:00.9837418Z
@BIGC Europe on average is actually the most prosperous region in the world, so they aren't "going down," nor is the rest of the world.

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