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  • Smoking bad for you, I hate it, And Relationships can't be the worst thing!

  • Smoking is harmful, Relationship may be helpful if you try.

  • Smoking is gross and anti-social, So you will die of lung cancer alone. Relationships are proven to make you live longer AND they don't give you cancer. . . So I think relationships win.

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hachiko says2020-02-08T16:22:41.2922476Z
Smoking is detrimental for the relationship if one of partners isn't smoking. It looks like there is no relevance but there is. Every small thing matters.
MyacronymissimplyCEE says2020-02-08T18:31:53.2199705Z
So, It's come to this on DO: This kind of misery, Versus That kind of misery? GOOD. . . GOD. These are both goose-stuffed with suffering. The only thing that makes smoking worse, Is that you could crush 8000 packs or cartons to pieces in rage, And what would it prove?

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