• Socialism

  • Communism

88% 15 votes
12% 2 votes
  • Its pretty evident that we need a firm structure to advance in life and happy working middle class families will accomplish that.

  • Lesser of the two evils.

  • socialism when blended with capitalism can be immensely beneficial for an economy. Communism cant do the same thing and on its own has proved to be rather ineffective

  • Communism in theory but with human nature the way it is its very hard to apply in reality. Social democracy in a nordic style is the best to me and since thats a very non extreme form if socialism in a way im for it.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • communism is too extreme collectivism

  • There is a huge difference between socialism and communism.

  • Will never, EVER actually occur due to Utopian Society. I prefer neither, but True Marxist Communism will never happen.

  • True communism can never exist. If it could we would all probably be equal and happy. It is actually how the early Christians lived.

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Hanspete says2015-05-26T15:05:11.9323094-05:00
Salohcin says2015-05-26T15:52:43.6756609-05:00
You don't really have a choice this day in age.
eagleoftheeast says2015-05-26T16:00:39.8986753-05:00
tommytom says2015-05-26T18:41:41.9801275-05:00
Democratic socialism is a very good idea that has been proven from time to time again to work well.
emporer1 says2015-05-26T20:41:51.4823954-05:00
Socialism is basically mini communism without the radical single party government
CyberConor says2015-05-31T15:42:00.2473516-05:00
Both suck. To socialists, can you actually use logic. You know the only way we have such powerful cooperatioins are because of Government. That isn't free market or capitalism, so stop blaming mcdonalds.
LastRanger says2015-06-09T14:25:50.4272603-05:00
I refuse to make a choice between two very evil forms of government: Socialism comes about through the ballot box. Communism comes about at the point of a gun. It is the choice between suicide and murder.

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