• True

  • False

14% 3 votes
86% 18 votes
  • No group of people is inherently selfish.

    Posted by: jascha
  • Bullsh*t. No one is inherently selfless.

  • They want what they wont work for

    Posted by: xhammy
  • The exact opposite really.

  • There is diversity within every group.

  • Human beings are selfish, socialists are human beings.

  • Humans are inherently selfish, it's an evolutionary advantage to seek resources for yourself to perpetuate your genes (which is basically what evolution is, mutations and subsequent gene wars) and here I use "resource" very loosely. The ultimate question is whether or not the humans act rationally when it comes to their selfishness. I would contend that socialists do not, at least long term, but those who disagree can address me on that later.

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MechVarg says2015-07-09T05:49:39.5957211-05:00
Not necessarily

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