Some people called 911 when facebook went down: Is society Doomed?

Posted by: jyotipatel

  • Yes...Funny

  • No.

43% 9 votes
57% 12 votes
  • Society is very large -- it's hardly going to be doomed because a select few people within it have trouble letting go of a website for a few hours.

  • It's doomed when it's doomed. Something only happens when it happens.

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YamaVonKarma says2014-08-04T23:46:02.4062938-05:00
Kinda gonna need a source or explanation on this.
iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-08-04T23:55:59.6793796-05:00
Second that notion. If its true they should put those people in stupid jail.
Formerland1 says2014-08-05T01:19:17.6997197-05:00
If Facebook went down its reasonable to think that if Facebook went down that something could have taken down parts of the grid and an early warning sign for an attack or natural disaster :
jyotipatel says2014-08-05T02:17:32.5560640-05:00
@yama http://jezebel.Com/yes-people-called-911-when-facebook-went-down-1615622934
MyDinosaurHands says2014-08-05T11:34:22.9687586-05:00
That was actually a hoax, that news story is fake.

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