Sonic Generations or Sonic Unleashed?

Posted by: lazerman39

I prefer Unleashed.

  • Sonic Unleashed

  • Sonic Generations

50% 6 votes
50% 6 votes
  • I can agree and understand why people like Generations more than Unleashed, Ive played both and can say that the boost and homing attack on the same button caused some hilarious fails, but for some reason, Unleashed had a bigger effect on me, like going through Spagonia day or Adabat Day was just so much fun, and tbh i kinda liked the werehog levels. it was a nice break from breaking the sound barrier all the time lol. but yeah i think i unlike unleashed better because i get a beter nostalgia for it

  • Sonic Generations provided Sonic fans with a return to the classic style of the games and fixed some errors with the essential homing attack being mapped to the same button as your aerial boost, making many ill timed jumps lethal. It also removed most of the tedious filler of earning sun and moon medals, and few extra missions were required save for a single challenge for each key. Unleashed had its own good levels like Metropolis Zone (Empire City) , but the people in game made it feel more like Animal Crossing with Sonic in it. (the emotions from people are identical) I won't even begin on the Werehog levels. Both are good, but Generations was a lot more fun to play.

    Posted by: Duncan
  • I just enjoyed it more.

  • Sonic unleashed was fun but I didn't like playing as monster sonic I endured them just so I could get to the sonic parts

  • Sonic Generations fixed a lot of things wrong with previous games and returned to his past glory.

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