Sonic vs Culver's

Posted by: UNRegard

Which fast food restarant is better?

Poll closed on 10/17/2015 at 12:34AM.
  • Sonic

  • Culver's

56% 5 votes
44% 4 votes
  • Ummm Sonic by far takes the cake. Well, the milkshake, but still.. Sonic has slushes: Culver's does not Culver's has better fries. Sonic made Cheesy tots. And Onion Rings. And mozzarella sticks. And a lot of other things. Culver's possess milkshakes. And ice cream. So does Sonic. Sonic has the slush, and the cherry limeade. Culver's has nothing to counter it. Sonic can make one hell of a burger. Culver's is better, though. So, overall, sonic wins

  • I really do enjoy Sonic more than I do with Culver's. I mean c'mon! Culver's fries are really mushy and they don't have a excellent taste. Sonic's fries are really good. When it comes down to the hamburgers, Sonic wins. Their burgers are so delicious! Their a nice size, the buns aren't too moist, theirs not too much flavor of the lettuce or any of the other toppings. It's very amazing! Culver's burgers lack the size and sometimes the ends are burnt. Either that or I'm not seeing things straight. LOL! And their buns get WAY too moist if you don't eat the burger quickly enough. The bun is really soft, and I'm not a fan of soft buns. When it comes down to shakes, Sonic wins. Theirs so many flavors to chose from. I really love their vanilla and chocolate shakes. Culver's, their shakes aren't really that good. Their chocolate shake taste different from chocolate. I think they mistaken their shake as cocoa then chocolate. BLAGH! If I really want a shake from Culver's it's their mint shakes. But that's just one shake I like. Not millions!

  • No contest. Culver's has some of the best frozen custard ever.

    Posted by: Seido
  • i have never had or seen sonic. i hate their commercials so i guess i am biased

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