Spiderman vs Captain Levi

Posted by: Owlz

Who do you think would win? Spiderman is well know and needs to introduction. Captain Levi is from the Manga/Anime called attack on titan. He has 3D Maneuver gear which allows him to battle around tall objects similar to Spidey. He wields two blades that are more than strong enough to cut through Spidey. I recommend a quick search for more information before voting.

  • Spider-Man

  • Captain Levi

31% 5 votes
69% 11 votes
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Owlz says2014-04-10T11:41:48.0976464-05:00
Typo above. Needs to introduction = needs no introduction.
Kitt says2014-04-11T09:57:41.6921608-05:00
Spiderman can use his webs and cling to wall whenever he wants, but Levi cant, he must rely on the gasoline of 3D Maneuver
Cat_Lover says2014-05-01T15:11:44.5429358-05:00
Buuuuuuut, spiderman has run out of his powers in the past, how do we know captain Levi wont just cut of spideys hands? Then he'd be screwed.

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