• Spongebob has a heart, and he cares about everyone. He also makes me laugh.

  • Patrick is a star...And he is cocky

50% 11 votes
50% 11 votes
  • #spongefolife

  • Go Sponge bob. His humor is often more elaborate than Patrick's humor, and this leads him to have a mode developed character. He is also the main character of the story, as in the name of the show.

  • Spongebob is the main character of the show and he is mostly in the show. He comes up in the show more than Patrick and sometimes Patricks gets too crazy and Spongebob faces tons of hardships.

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WHITESUPREMACY says2018-02-01T19:31:40.3822962Z
ArmanTheAsexual says2018-05-21T20:15:55.3312092Z
Patrick is my spirit animal

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