Stand up & fight: Armed militia seize fed buildings in stand against US govt. What do you think?

Posted by: reece

  • I support them.

  • I don't support them.

31% 5 votes
69% 11 votes
  • Just what the founding fathers wanted.

    Posted by: XLAV
  • In all fairness, the law is vaguely worded enough to say "If you do something I (the person in power) don't like, you be a terrorist."

  • Kill em all

  • Based off the link provided and nothing else, I can sympathize with them to an extent. If a federal judge used anti-terrorist laws to essentially convict these two farmers twice, and didn't explain to anyone how it was terrorism, I would be angry to. Nothing will come of this however. They'll get tired in about a week and go home.

  • There are more civil methods to express unhappiness with government. They are called elections, petitions and peaceful protest. violent rebellion isn't the answer.

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reece says2016-01-03T16:00:13.0315323Z
Obviously they're far right-wing extremists. Did you see that 'BLM evil empire' sign? Lol.
Iadevaia says2016-01-03T16:38:19.4069864Z
They need to be dealt with as domestic terrorists. How can we possibly justify allowing an armed militia to takeover government property?
TBR says2016-01-04T15:38:55.7873642Z
They are not going home 58539672 - they are going to jail.
58539672 says2016-01-05T00:34:22.8919703Z
@TBR Sorry, I should have clarified that a bit better. I meant to say they will surrender.
reece says2016-01-05T08:30:01.4683598Z
New hashtags are trending on Twitter such as, #Y'allQaeda, #VanillaISIS, #YokelHaram, #yeehawd, etc.
reece says2016-01-06T00:01:07.1745906Z
What if these protesters were black?
Haroush says2016-01-06T00:01:46.4712425Z
All I can say is remember how and why the first civil war happened here in America. Yes, there was two civil wars that happened here in America believe it or not.
reece says2016-01-06T00:02:03.9901548Z
Would people treat them the same? Would YOU treat them the same?
Haroush says2016-01-06T00:11:31.3817505Z
It's ironic the media doesn't explain the reason these farmers are doing this. If people know anything about the Boston Tea Party most americans would see this as a government overreach on us all. Not only this, but this is what I call tyranny. Though most of you dumb*hits will not do nothing until disaster reaches your door step. This being said, if this happens to you, you deserve to die and be punished yourself because nothing is worse than blatant stupidity.
Haroush says2016-01-06T00:12:48.1962843Z
When I say the media, I mean local media as this is what most people watch.
reece says2016-01-06T00:14:37.6777861Z
@Haroush Do you want to answer my question?
Haroush says2016-01-06T00:18:33.7072991Z
If they were black protesting for the same damn reason of course I would.
reece says2016-01-06T00:20:38.5860996Z
@Haroush What if they had a 'white evil empire' sign too, or something like it?
Haroush says2016-01-06T00:57:41.8499512Z
That would be kind of strange, but I would have to take their word as to why they had a sign like that. I can't just assume things unless it is absolutely clear as to why or something to that effect.
reece says2016-01-06T01:02:26.0213728Z
Sorry, 'BLM' also stands for borough of land management.
reece says2016-01-06T01:03:38.5774379Z
I forgot i said it as a jk XD

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