Standing and saying the pledge of allegiance

Posted by: Khons

Say why or why not we should stand and say this in America

47 Total Votes

Yes we should stand and say

30 votes

No we should not stand or say

17 votes
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Khons says2016-10-01T00:27:31.5842128Z
Being a military kid, I feel like I need to say the pledge.
yelekam says2016-10-07T18:45:16.8594561Z
What difference does standing make to whether you say it or not?
TheGuyWhosThoughtsYouHear says2016-10-18T16:00:55.7203790Z
I said it for you shut up...
Broof1139 says2016-10-21T13:26:16.0684049Z
It just depends on what someone believes. I think that if you do not want to say the pledge of allegiance (not just because you're tired or lazy), then you should be allowed to let it be known in a way that doesn't harm anything or anyone without getting overly criticized.
tommylibertarian1 says2016-11-03T16:45:02.6738853Z
Pledging allegiance to a flag is like reciting a love poem to a sock

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