Star Trek or Star Wars - which is better?

Posted by: MysticEgg

One is heavily focused on space exploration and encountering new life forms, set in the not-so-distant-future (Star Trek). The other is set "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" and is more focused on good vs. Evil, (or Jedi vs. Sith), and galactic politics (Star Wars).

  • Star Trek

  • Star Wars

30% 38 votes
70% 87 votes
  • Star Trek!! It's just better. Especially the new one that just came out. "Star Trek Into Darkness" My favorite. :)

    Posted by: leojm
  • Star Trek... because Science Fiction rocks and Star Wars is NOT science fiction, it is fantasy.

  • i like both but i have to go with startreck .... its more of action and well beter story line as well ... like i mean disney ownes starwarys there goes a good series down the f*** DRAIN....

  • Picking Star Trek, though I like both. Star Trek is more intelligent, while Star Wars is more fun and adventurous.

  • Star Trek, because of Gene Rodenberry's vision of hope, acceptance, compassion and, as he said, taking delight in people's differences and seeing them as strengths.

  • Star Trek is better because they have William Shatner. End of story. Now, where did I put my turkey fryer?

  • Star trek is much better because it is actually within the realm of probability, unlike star wars. Star trek actually makes an attempt to explain how the tech works, whereas star wars just slaps you with a ton of ridiculous technology and make no move to explain it. AND star trek is so much more developed with so much more back story and plot that star wars.

    Posted by: r1e2x
  • Star Trek by far. Who wants to watch the latest news of the US government?

  • Let's just say, for those who think otherwise: you are sadly ignorant, my friend. Sadly ignorant.

  • Star Trek, all the way. And Star Trek is too cool for guns. We have phasers. :) And quantum torpedoes for that matter.

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  • Star Trek is better because they have Leonard Nimoy playing Spock. Star Trek teaches values to respect people no matter where they are from and such.

  • Khaaaaaaan!

  • Always be Star Wars for me.

  • Some idiot to the left said Star Wars wasn't Science Fiction. Star Wars has a massive expanded universe beyond Star Trek, and SO many possible stories waiting to be created.

  • Always stars wars.

  • Absolutely without a doubt Star Wars! What about the light sabers hey? Or the force? Does Star Trek have that? Does Star Trek even have guns?

  • Of course leojm voted for star trek. Stars Wars has that plot structure and depth that star trek can't match.

  • I only pick this one because i grew up with Star Wars. I'm sure there are people that love Trek more but I'm not one of those people.

  • Star war is by far better than Star Trek Because thy plot is superior

  • Star Wars is the best movie in the galaxy! My personal favorite character is Darth Vader. And Anakin. (which is the same person just in different times).

  • It has exploration aliens but they are not on a ship all the time also in star wars we have the force and lightsabers.

  • Both are good. Star trek has a vast universe, but sometimes kinda predictable and tacky. Star wars is now disney... I pick star wars mainly because, in terms of directing and such, star wars was done better.

  • Actually they all have own goods. But for me star wars is more attractive.

  • Star Wars has been my life and the makes way more sense than star trek.And by the way... Star changed the world,like Jaws.

  • While Star Trek is more realistic it is boring with it mainly talking and the occasional battle. Star Wars is action packed with strong characters, and good effects.

    Posted by: Porgs
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NxtBigThing22 says2013-09-03T13:19:16.5654205-05:00
The original "Star Wars" was the best and revolutionized movie history. I didn't see the same pop culture effect with "Star Trek". The Star Wars' "prequels" totally gave the franchise a bad name but here's hoping J.J. Abrams, the director for the new Star Wars and the new Star Trek, will give justice to Episode 7-9.
jrrjacques says2014-04-01T10:44:56.7132311-05:00
Star Wars is a political soap opera with obvious plots and outcomes. It is to predictable and is a mythopia. Its franchise mainly consists of snobbering, slobbering, and squeaking 6 year olds running around saying, "Voom voom! I cut you with my light stick, you're dead Jerry!" Star Trek has true fans such as myself. I have done research on almost all of its technologies and gotten into arguments on the legitimency of warp drive, interdimensional travel, and the occupation of the fifth dimension and its properties and effects on the human body. That's just for starters. Star Wars is about the big guns, the big dark villians, and the shining robed knights coming to save the damsels or senators in distress.
Student4Life1975 says2014-09-25T18:47:17.0336490-05:00
Star Trek for a few reasons, Jolene Blalock, Jerri Ryan and Mirina Sirtis...
Derpking154.0 says2016-02-18T16:32:32.6950557Z
Star Wars changed history like Jaws.Star Trek doe not make sense at all.
Derpking154.0 says2016-06-05T16:03:33.5241209Z
I have to say, both franchises went down the drain recently

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