• Star Trek

  • Star Wars

29% 13 votes
71% 32 votes
  • Star trek is so much better than star wars.

  • I have seen this question asked in many, many, many other poles. Anyway, Star Trek (In the opinion of nerd and geek) is the way to go over Star Wars which is a soap opera modernized to appeal a generation drawn towards violence, explosions, sword play, love, and plot twists. Star Wars is science fantasy and not true science fiction whereas Star Trek is. Star Trek is for the thrill of exploration and the plausible technologies. Plus, if there was a match up in apposing military forces of the two different realities (or are they in different realities) then Star Trek would maim Star Wars in a breath of Darth Vader just by transporting a quantum torpedos near the cores of each enemy wessel. So, yeah, Star Trek all the way! (Excluding the Enterprise series and the two recent movies. They are the worst!)

  • Star Trek sucks.

    Posted by: Eli24
  • Star Wars will always be my favorite.

  • I love Star Trek's premise of being Earth in the future... but Star Wars...

  • Do I have to explain?


  • Star wars is much more appealing to people of all ages, I personally wanted to be a jedi at the age of 7. I didn't necessarily understand until I was older but still, I never got into the Star Trek "stuff" because I didn't like it at that time. I still don't understand it.

    Posted by: oneilm
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Midnight1131 says2015-04-20T17:32:22.4419483-05:00
Come on... You had to use the Zachary Quinto Spock?
Mister_Man says2015-04-20T17:51:25.6690285-05:00
Neither, lol
Ruse101 says2015-04-20T20:25:52.9613798-05:00
I highly dislike that Spock. Too emotional and not enough raised eyebrows.
gabep says2015-04-29T17:45:55.6198838-05:00
I expected a flame war. I'm kind of disappointed.
gabep says2015-04-29T17:46:02.4370838-05:00
I expected a flame war. I'm kind of disappointed.

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