• Star Trek

  • Star Wars

29% 24 votes
71% 59 votes
  • If I want a substitute for Ambien, Star Wars, otherwise Star Trek is and always will be the best, the first, and the most awesome.

  • Star Trek is AWESOME!! Even though it is old (original series) I personally think it is better than Star Wars because, it is more life like. Yes I know, phasers and Klingons aren't exactly realistic, but are lazier swords (light sabers) and pig people realistic either? And let's be honest, Spok is THE BEST THING EVER

  • Star Trek has the world's largest fan club, and that's only the people that sign up. Enough said.

  • Star Trek is awesome and has more movies, not even counting the episodes.

  • Started watching the newest generation, i like the length and depth it goes, not 6 movies with rotating charaters

    Posted by: 00r3d
  • I personally have always hated Star Wars. I do love Star Trek though, and I'm actually part of Star Fleet International.

  • yha

  • Star Trek has a much more possible story-line. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if in the next 100 years we will be traveling in outer space in our own version of the Enterprise. I mean jeez even NASA has decided to call traveling faster than light "warp speed" But then again this is all up to a persons taste in series personally i like Star Trek more but Star Wars is still an amazing movie series.

  • I love Star Trek! Think about Spock, he passed away...😭

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abyteofbrain says2013-11-07T18:19:00.0531113-06:00
What's with the related topics?
yay842 says2013-11-07T23:31:10.9834493-06:00
Everytime tegaslouisemolden made a topic, that was the related topics
Hugo1054 says2013-11-13T18:44:05.4514291-06:00
wheresthebeef says2014-01-30T12:43:03.2826697-06:00
Star Wars is my family.
wheresthebeef says2014-01-30T12:47:10.3091272-06:00
Im more of a caddyshack fan.
nike26 says2014-03-20T09:08:37.0252710-05:00
Star track is for bithes only
SiriusTrekkie says2014-09-16T18:48:01.4046366-05:00
I think it is funny when people say Star Trek was based off of Star Wars.
Student4Life1975 says2014-09-25T18:51:32.0136114-05:00
Star Trek always resonated with me more, just seemed more realistic in ways I could relate to. Except for that Q character, horrible idea. Other than that Star Trek would kick Star Wars butt in and intergalactic battle and in the end that's what matters.
SiriusTrekkie says2014-09-25T19:34:50.6328357-05:00
Star Trek was not based off of Star Wars. Star Trek was was made like 10 years before Star Wars was even invented.
penguin558 says2014-11-22T15:24:19.5971809-06:00
I never liked how the ship names in Star Wars were so plain and unrealistic
Debatoby0117 says2017-12-07T11:54:08.1823945Z
If star treks fan club is so large, where are they now?!!

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