• Yes! The force is STRONG with this one!

  • No! May the force be with you, because it will be a painful movie. So have fun watching it without me!

75% 6 votes
25% 2 votes
  • Given who's running it and acting in it, especially J.J. Abrams who made the great Star Trek reboot despite not being a childhood fan (he was one of Star Wars), it has a good chance of dragging the franchise out from the prequels. But what about the Expanded Universe?

  • i am expecting it to be good and i think that there are a lot of high expectations for it to be good. I just really hope that it will be even better than what everyone is hoping

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Jman0056 says2014-05-20T16:37:57.9267755-05:00
The EU is being labled as Star Wars Legends and it will be just that. Legends. Officialy, the EU is NOT canon.
Jman0056 says2014-05-20T16:38:55.8495755-05:00
Also, bathead, THANK YOU fir bringing up a point that i kept trying to make. :) For some odd reason no one seemed to listen to me lol
TheBathead says2014-05-20T16:47:15.9807286-05:00
Wait, Jman, did you argue with/against me on any of my other Star Wars polls?
Jman0056 says2014-05-20T17:01:30.2367286-05:00
Idk i dont remember u but i was agreeing with the point you brought up on THIS poll. Ill check my profile 2 c if u want
Jman0056 says2014-05-20T17:04:21.4623286-05:00
Yup i argued against what u said in the debate about disney getting star wars in the comments. It was like, the first comment i made. Wow... Did u get that from me? Maybe people ARE listening to me more than i thought lol!

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