Star wars battlefront III or call of duty black ops III?

Posted by: deathwish188

Which one are you looking forward to?

  • Star wars battlefront III

  • Call of duty black ops III

79% 15 votes
21% 4 votes
  • I know what some of you think about Call of Duty being repetitive but that's not the case we have with Black Ops 3. Black Ops 3 is literally 3 games in 1 with mind-blowing multiplayer specialists, a real zombie campaign with a plot and a massive 4 player co-op campaign. What we have on the other side with Star Wars BattleFront is just another Battlefield with a new theme. Not to mention Battlefield Hardline was epic fail. The same can be almost said about Battlefield 4. Don't forget that Black Ops has been always successful.

  • I have played other Call of Duty Games but I hear nothing but hear nothing but great things that make Black Ops III better than it's Predecessors. I heard the Single Player Campaign is much longer than the other ones. I could be wrong but I really want to try this New Call of Duty out!!

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