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The two most complex sci-fi universes ever-which is better?

Poll will close on 1/13/3000 at 12:12PM.


53% 16 votes
47% 14 votes
  • @Jrrjacques Star wars has lightsabers so how can you say that star trek has much better technology! Also there are more ships in star wars than there is in star trek!

  • How can you say Star Trek is better? With the force, a very developed universe and story line, and even droids, Star Wars is way better

  • The force

  • Star Forge is totally more boss and produces more ships than anything in Star Trek

  • Star Trek was better, ofcourse this is just opinion.

  • Much better technology.

  • This is a really, really tough choice, since I am a fan of both franchises. In the end I have to give the vote to Star Trek simply because it is more intellectual and it has more material (12 movies and 6 TV shows versus 6 movies and only a few TV shows).

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TG2333 says2014-04-08T13:12:56.9449604-05:00
Star trek is way more realistic then star wars
jrrjacques says2014-04-08T13:43:27.3046934-05:00
Also the possibilities that Star Trek suggests are plausible and possible within our technological evolution, for the most part anyway.
jrrjacques says2014-04-10T13:45:17.5170432-05:00
Krieg01 since you will not accept any messages or comments on your profile. I must address you here. Star Wars has light sabers a short continuous beam of solid and pure energy. Star Trek has phasers a long ranged continuous beam of solid and pure energy. The only difference is distance my good zealous friend. And Star Wars has more ships. Does that really matter? A single Star Trek runabout transports a single quantum torpedo into the Death Star, Star Destroyer, or even the Emperor's personal suite. What happens? BOOOM bye, bye Star Wars. Star Trek vessels out maneuver all of Star Wars weapons What is the use of a massive 500 trillion mega jules per square inch turbolaser turret if it can't hit its target. I have done research on this. Using Star Wars and Star Trek technical resources and manuals. So please tell me in honest technical language how and why Star Wars has better technology?

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