Star Wars vs Star Trek

Posted by: wolf902

Star Wars vs Star Trek by Wolf902

  • Star Wars

  • Star Trek

84% 47 votes
16% 9 votes
  • I love both, but prefer Star Wars. I grew up with both, but Star Wars stands taller in my childhood...and adulthood too.

  • Both are great, Star Wars is just more memorable.

  • It just is.

  • Star wars....Star wars....Ya

  • Star Wars is better because they're More action and make more sence and FUCKING LIGHTSABERS

  • Star wars is boss

  • Star Wars is by far the superior sci fi franchise. The works of George Lucas changed the way that peoole looked at sci fi, his new take on the future (or technically a long time ago) will go down in history for generations to come. The special effects in Star Wars were also incredible and ground breaking at the time. Finally Star Wars has the greatest twist of all time, the "father revilation" (I won't spoil this incredible plot point for those who haven't seen it). All in all Star Wars, as a film, changed sci fi forever and pushed into the fore front of society making it the greatest science fiction series to date.

    Posted by: jandre
  • Honestly, if you watch's Star Wars vs Star Trek, Star Wars is the winner. Star Trek is more science oriented, but Star Wars has more character development and richer plots with interweaving themes of the classic hero's journey.

  • I like both franchises, but personally I grew up with Star Wars more. But both have their own place. Movie-wise Star Wars is better, but TV-wise Star Trek is better, it depends on perspective and opinion

  • Both are great shows/ movies but Star Trek was less about Just killing the enemy. It was about exploration and finding peace. In Star Wars it is mainly about combat.

  • It is almost unfair to compare the two. Star Wars is about science fantasy, while Star Trek is about science possibilities (mixed with some fantasy for fun). People watch Star Wars mainly for entertainment, while Star Trek fans are inevitably contemplating how we can actually achieve what we see on the screen. Both are great, but they are almost in a different genre.

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wolf902 says2014-06-03T12:02:53.6971434-05:00
Star wars has cooler stuff like tie fighters and at-ats
1827544325 says2016-03-07T20:22:00.6716374Z
Darth vader is way cooler

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