States' Sovereignty vs. Strong Federal a Government?

Posted by: Volcanoes13

  • Thomas Jefferson, a weak federal government

  • Alexander Hamilton, a strong federal government

38% 6 votes
62% 10 votes
  • Socialism is unacceptable in any circumstances. States should be sovereign in their rights and powers.

  • Originally the federal government was only intended to handle foreign policy and interstate commerce. Today's federal government is a fat pick that is eating itself to death

  • Under the Articles of Confederation, the United States didn't fair to well with a weak federal government. I don't really see how a strong federal government equals socialism lol? I personally like the way we have things right now. Although, the federal government is starting to become more powerful over time which frightens me.

  • In the modern day an age if the state's weren't united America would be in the same position as europe. Bickering and fighting amoungst each other. We are in the golden era of the superpower. If the state's were to become sovereign that would strip us of superpower status virtually instantly. It's retarded to think the US would be where it is had the south won or the state's divided. Many forget that the state's have the power of sovereignty already. Every state has their own armies. They can secede at any time if they really wanted to. But they don't. Why? Because they are not retarded they know they can't survive on their own. There is no way. So no states do not need more sovereignty and the current situation can only be fix by the PEOPLE. Not state governments.

    Posted by: Astal3
  • The more local the government, the more intrusive it is. My homeowner's association insists I keep my garage door closed. The Secretary of the Interior couldn't care less if I do or not. The federal government's role has become one largely of protecting us from state and local tyranny: consider the 14th Amendment, for example.

  • Strong federal government, but states should still have rights.

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Volcanoes13 says2014-08-01T22:25:10.5057909-05:00
Whoops.... Added an 'a' in there on accident
Volcanoes13 says2014-08-01T22:26:57.4146468-05:00
Whoops, didn't mean to add that 'a' in there...
MyDinosaurHands says2014-08-01T22:29:36.4285047-05:00
If you're worried about government corruption, does it matter which has more power?

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