Stephen Hawking vs. Einstein

Who is the more influential scientist: Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein?

  • Stephen Hawking

  • Albert Einstein

29% 6 votes
71% 15 votes
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IsometricRobot says2013-09-09T02:55:29.3044356-05:00
I think Epic Rap Battles already address this.
The_Mystery says2013-09-19T10:47:53.6386682-05:00
I would pick both to be honest. Their are both great highly intelligent people. It's a shame that Albert couldn't live long enough to see how his ideas helped the world (Not including the Atomic Bomb of course)
MollyHendrix says2013-09-24T22:18:07.9884709-05:00
They see me rollin', they hatin. They are both equally influential in their own ways.

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