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TBR says2016-03-09T04:57:10.6349655Z
Very interesting. Really, I have to admit ignorance to how rampant this issue was before a few years ago. I work with lots of ex-military now, and know from them that it is much more common and much more hurtful than I thought. Further, the perpetrators are even more odd to me. Motivate? Free gum? A drink at the local bar? Odd.
lannan13 says2016-03-09T05:07:37.8022463Z
I have actually heard arguments from the opposite side and since they exist, I thought I'd make a poll about it.
TBR says2016-03-09T14:44:46.7877440Z
What is the counter argument? Again, what I find odd is that it happens at all. Just strange to me. Who pretends to be military? Just so strange.
lannan13 says2016-03-09T14:48:06.9833187Z
Black-Jesus says2016-03-09T21:34:55.7157985Z
I mean, people do it because a lot of people are prepared to bend over for veterans and soldiers. It is pretty messed up, I would never do it, and no one should ever do it, but making it illegal is a whole other thing. However, if you are doing it in order to get benefits like, you know "free burger for veterans" on veteran's day then it should most certainly be illegal.

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