Summer Homework

Posted by: Turpis

Should teacher's be allowed to require summer homework?

  • Yes, Student's should spend summer doing homework to ensure they are prepared for the upcoming school year.

  • No, student's should be able to use their summer for relaxation, time with family, and having valuable life experiences.

40% 10 votes
60% 15 votes
  • I think summer homework is stigmatized based on the fact that the term contains the word "homework". It's not anywhere near as demanding as people make it out to be. I have to do summer work for AP/Honors classes at my school, and it's not hard. I have 5 AP classes, I've been doing summer work for a week (while it was assigned back in June), for an hour each day, and I'm already done with one class. Summer work also builds responsibility, and it will not detract from many of the empty summer hours.

  • As much as summer homework may suck, it is necessary. I'm not talking about loads and loads of work, but reading a book or two and completing one math review sheet is not bad. If students go 2+ without thinking about school, they will lose the knowledge from the previous year, and will have to work hard to catch up in the upcoming year. In order to make sure a student receives the full benefit of his or her education, they need to put in a small amount of work during the summer.

  • I've been going to school without a summer break for 4 years and it never hindered and/or harmed me in any way.

  • A very small amount though.

  • I think you should do a little work but it shouldn't be too haed

  • No, school days already give students a lot of homework and classwork plus brutal school hours. I believe that students should take a break from all this.

  • I feel that assigning summer homework sort of defeats the purpose of having a summer break at all.

    Posted by: CK3137
  • Summer is already too short

  • Summer vacation is a vacation, it should be stress and homework free.

  • No, kids and teens including myself have mental breakdowns during the school year, on weekdays and on the weekends thanks to the four hours of homework on the weekends per night. Kids need a break for the summer, and I get assigned three novels, over 1,000 math problems, science busywork and other time consuming assignments.

  • No Just No. Please, school days already tortures us enough. We don't want to be tortured even more during our summer break. Whoever said yes to this, your the reason why school sucks

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intellectuallyprimitive says2014-08-05T02:36:35.5073771-05:00
Assign summer reading or course work and award the completed and the potential quality work as additional, or bonus points for the student if he or she elects to complete it. If a child elects to complete the work on his or her own ambition, than that is indicative of a successful student and should be awarded respectively.

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