• Spider-Man

  • Catwoman

91% 10 votes
9% 1 votes
  • This is a mismatch, Spider-Man is way out of Catwoman's league here. Spidey has enough strength to lift a car, the speed to dodge bullets and can take a hit. With his Spider Sense warning him Selina won't be able to land a blow on Peter while he could end the fight in one punch or by webbing her down to disable her.

  • She's sexy, and dangerous. She could simply lure him in, possibly seduce him (Let's face it, she probably would be able to), and distract him right before clawing his balls off. That's the thing with sexy superheros and viillains like Catwoman, Wonderwoman, and Harley Quinn... No-one would be able to stand killing a woman who looked that good.

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