• Superman

  • Hulk

69% 11 votes
31% 5 votes
  • Superman can totally beat the hulk im sorry but it is true ;)

  • The Hulk is more attuned with the known laws of physics when it comes to energy conversion.

    Posted by: reece
  • Speed > Strength. If the difference is great enough, which in this case it is. This is why The Flash is so much more powerful than a lot of people realize.

  • I'm going to give Superman the majority here as his base strength level is higher than the Hulks so he starts off stronger. Now the Hulk has the potential to surpass or reach Superman's strength level as we know that he gets stronger as he gets angrier and prolonging the fight would only make the Hulk mad. Superman's best bet would be to knockout the Hulk early on in the fight or the battle could look like similar to when he fought Doomsday in the Death of Superman story. Plus versatility due to his additional powers decrease Hulk's chances of winning greatly.

  • Even though Hulk has potentially infinite strength, Superman already has near-infinite strength, not to mention fighting technique and an overall speed advantage.

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reece says2015-09-14T04:38:57.0515828Z
@Heterodox I would say the flash is just about as equal as superman.

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