Sweet or salty?

Posted by: kayed

Which taste you like better?

  • Sweet

  • Salty

37% 7 votes
63% 12 votes
  • I'm perfectly fine with food without either, (we never add sugar or salt to our food...) but I think extreme sweet is easier to tolerate than extreme saltiness, so I'll pick this.

  • Without sweetness it will be ok but u do not like food without salt ....and it's not only about food but life too

  • I like both, but too much sweet and you will get sick of eating it.

    Posted by: Najs
  • I hardly eat any sugar, I only like sweet drinks like ice tea. I guess I'm lucky.

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reece says2015-05-30T21:41:58.8330755-05:00
Tough choice.
ImmortalVoddoler says2015-05-31T08:57:37.4444012-05:00
Byzcat says2015-06-01T14:17:21.7404748-05:00
tehsupertoaster says2015-06-03T13:34:17.7044239-05:00
Both...... But i might have a bit of a salt addiction so salt
Darquesse says2015-10-22T12:35:31.0342398Z
Both fine with me

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