• Tacos

  • Burritos

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61% 14 votes
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iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:33:53.4348806-05:00
What is the taco or the burrito
Preston says2014-07-15T10:35:12.3547747-05:00
A taco is beef in a corn tortilla with cheese, lettuce/cabbage, some peppers, ect. A burrito is a taco wrapped up... Wait your that fake Chinese guy
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:44:02.7261319-05:00
It is you the friend. You no believe me but I no care because you american
Preston says2014-07-15T10:44:51.5616936-05:00
Why do you type with an accent, if I read that I would think you were Mexican not chinese
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:49:49.6326218-05:00
It is no accent. Accent is speaking. I not good at the English.
Preston says2014-07-15T10:50:55.0965319-05:00
You have perfect spelling and are missing words, you are making a virtual accent, stop trolling
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:52:59.0385319-05:00
My browser and the ddo has the spell correct. I know I miss the words because english is difficult to be learning.
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:53:57.3452167-05:00
Why you call me the troll. I think you the troll.
Preston says2014-07-15T10:54:04.1215353-05:00
Its a mandated language in china you learn from elementary school, I have Chinese friends who speak and not to mention type perfectly
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:55:36.3116167-05:00
I no from. I from north korea and no live in china for the university.
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:56:54.5046311-05:00
I know I mean
Preston says2014-07-15T10:56:56.4390435-05:00
You learn English in NK too, of course its from the 80's but its still English.
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:57:07.7120167-05:00
No, I mean now
Preston says2014-07-15T10:57:25.9328167-05:00
And NK doesn't allow immigration, and why would you be up past midnight!!
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:59:48.4613462-05:00
It normal to be up past the midnight. It midnight right now. North korea allow government worker children to go to a university in China. I get 4 year visa and I go back
Preston says2014-07-15T11:00:20.9407544-05:00
Ok then, name the university
iheartNK says2014-07-15T11:03:00.8962530-05:00
The name called 北京师范大学
Preston says2014-07-15T11:05:02.7330340-05:00
Whats the long red banner on campus say/ tell you to do
marcelino1985 says2014-07-15T11:10:39.3039398-05:00
Lol now u 2 fighting about my poll
iheartNK says2014-07-15T11:10:40.2140425-05:00
What is the red banner
Preston says2014-07-15T11:11:28.6779398-05:00
Its been up on Beijing University since day 1
iheartNK says2014-07-15T11:12:50.1145766-05:00
I am not at beijing university.
marcelino1985 says2014-07-15T11:13:25.4127398-05:00
U a hater preston
Preston says2014-07-15T11:14:07.0647398-05:00
No I don't like trolls, or people who make fake accounts to vote.
Preston says2014-07-15T11:14:49.6277088-05:00
My 14 year old friend, maybe you shouldn't troll either.
iheartNK says2014-07-15T11:15:46.8735398-05:00
I am not the troll. You ask me the fake questions about random banner at different university. If you think I'm the troll do not talk with me.
Preston says2014-07-15T11:16:58.6647398-05:00
Its not fake, I just read an article about how theres a red banner praising the Chinese government on campus, and how its been there since opening in the 1980's
BOOBIE.s says2014-07-15T11:19:34.8291116-05:00
Calm down and eat tacos
Preston says2014-07-15T11:20:19.1874677-05:00
Im good, although id deactivate the fake accounts if I were you
iheartNK says2014-07-15T11:20:26.9175116-05:00
北京师范大学 opened in the 1902
Preston says2014-07-15T11:23:18.2676756-05:00
Beijing University opened in 1989 4 months after the Tiananmen square massacre
iheartNK says2014-07-15T11:39:16.1025146-05:00
That is good, but I don't go to the peking university. I go to the beijing normal university, which opened in the 1902

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