• Tankini

  • Bikini

34% 25 votes
66% 48 votes
  • A tankini gives women dignity but still looks beautiful.

  • I love the styles they can come in. It teases the imagination.

    Posted by: reece
  • Nothing wrong with more conservative clothing.

  • Tanking are cute and fun without revealing too much most women where bikinis because of men and most men want women to wear bakinis because they want to see their body. Protect your body without being stiff and regulated with a tankini

  • a tankini is a better option since it's not as revealing. Let's say you meet a nice guy at the beach. You don't want him to like you just for your body when you're wearing a bikini.

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steve-oo says2016-11-07T22:53:55.4192060Z
I like bikinis to get a view of breasts tummies and bums and the women dont have to look like the women in the picture I enjoy the female body but I think tankinis are great as well but had to go bikini for this vote

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