• Beautiful

  • Amazing

47% 9 votes
53% 10 votes
  • I wish there was a both option

  • I think she's beautiful because she makes beauty of a song and she knows about inner and outer beauty. It doesn't matter if your beautiful because of your sex or popularity, it matters how beautiful you are on the inside. That's a total Taylor Swift.

  • Well i think she really is amazing but she is so beautiful.

    Posted by: aeb228
  • amazing seems like a better adjective to describe taylor :D

  • Amazingly overrated, overhyped and undertalented. Pick a key, twit, and write a song that's at a higher maturity level than Barney, once.

  • she is an amazing person with a great heart. she is one of the most generous person ever and has amazing sense in music . nobody can match her songs.

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lannan13 says2013-09-13T17:49:46.5748856-05:00
How about none of the above.
lannan13 says2013-09-13T17:49:47.6201124-05:00
How about none of the above.
KingHenrikLundqvist says2013-09-13T20:33:33.4296659-05:00
How about all of the above?
Subutai says2013-09-13T20:36:09.4343701-05:00
@lannan13: +1.
allysamayhemmings says2014-11-07T09:22:01.7807494-06:00
None of the above(that was me.)
abby1874 says2014-12-03T14:24:35.7016774-06:00
Neither. I admired her when she first got popular because I was young and that was the stuff that appealed to me. But, then I grew up and matured and she didn't. A majority of her songs are the same thing. Alls she does is complain about boys, but in reality how many times does it take her for her to learn a lesson? She became unoriginal real quick and I hate seeing her in the media.

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