• Tea

  • Coffee

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44% 22 votes
  • Tea is healthier to drink than most coffees. Tea can come in many forms, and the unhealthiest tea is actually milk tea, which contains the ingredients followed: milk, sugar, and tea leaves (or tea leaves condensed into pods). Other healthier teas can contain as little as pinecone seeds and water, or water and tea leaves. Coffee can contain too much sugar, but with no added elements to a completely normal cup of coffee, a person would feel the frenzy of caffeine. Tea is a healthier alternative. It might not be able to give you the huge amounts of energy that caffeine does, but it can give you a warm drink for your mornings.

  • I am simply picking this because tea has many other forms to come in, and rather than recreational, it's used as a natural remedy.

  • Tea can be either strong or weak whereas coffee can only be strong or a little weak. Tea is also a lot better for you than coffee and is a nice thing to drink before going to bed.

  • tea is delicious, healthier, and contains many health benefits. different teas constitute different health benefits which are all necessary. tea is also quite heavily caffinated, so it will keep you awake, similar to coffee, which is basiclly its only reedeeming quality.

  • Some tea has more benefits, and there are more flavours.

  • Coffee is so much nicer

  • Coffee is healthy for most people unless chronic illnesses. It can at worst cause headaches but because coffee releases dopamine and gets rid of headaches there is no point in staying away from it. The renaissance happened after Europe change from beer to coffee a depressant to a stimulant. People became more productive and more happy. They started enjoying there jobs more. Coffee has no negative effects(unless chronic illnesses) in fact it has lots of positive effects.

    Posted by: Rudyon
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