Team Nikki Minaj or Mariah Carey?

Which American Idol judge are you rooting for in this diva feud?

  • Mariah Carey

  • Nicki Minaj

65% 17 votes
35% 9 votes
  • The reason I'm for team Mariah is because Nicki is just another wannabe with no talent who just do whatever the hell she wants for attention. Mariah , on the other hand , who i am a big fan of , just love her music and her voice , is not the type of person that would berserk easily , and even if you made her mad , she is just cool , calm , and collected and wouldn't say bad words because she is a very nice lady. Back to Nicki , she is a fake person , anything she does is just fake to me and she definitely gets no love from me , that's all , peace!

  • Nicki MInaj=loca

  • Mariah because she's classy, down to earth and talented. Nikki has none of these qualities and is just jealous. Plus Mariah still looks really good for her age and is also a hardworking mother, Can't beat that.

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