Tell you TRUE real life scary story.

Posted by: Jman9000

Ghosts, break ins, haunting in your old house, scary times in the woods, etc.

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Tell your story (comment) No Fake stuff plzzzzz!

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Tell your story (comment) must be TRUE

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Dilara says2015-04-14T19:12:01.9761671-05:00
Top 15s youtube channel has two videos about top 15 scariest true stories. I think it's called "top 15 true scary stories that will make you cringe". They got them from reddit.
Jman9000 says2015-04-14T19:18:03.6341928-05:00
That video is why I posted this.
Dilara says2015-04-14T19:19:19.3031862-05:00
Have you seen both of them? I liked the one about the bus with no kids.

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