Terraria vs Minecraft! In your opinion, which is better?

Posted by: TehBrian

Explain if you like playing Terraria or Minecraft better. It is your opinion.

  • Terraria

  • Minecraft

49% 22 votes
51% 23 votes
  • It has more items and is great!

  • This one was more aesthetically pleasing when I played. The community of gamers were marginally better too.

  • In almost every aspect, such as bosses, items, and enemies Terraria is better. Plus its cheaper and has less of a need for you to buy mods.

  • more seliction on items and blockes the only issue most people see with this game is graphics

  • Terraria has more items, harder bosses, mobs and is generally more awesome. In other words Minecraft is for wimps who are not able to handle bosses even with better weapons. Suck on that Minecraftians

    Posted by: bpeast
  • Terraria is better, because it has way more to offer. And it's also fun to play alone, but Minecraft is boring as heck if you're alone.

  • I like both games, but even though Minecraft has just been through its 1.9 update, Terraria honestly has more content.

  • @TehBrian Way more things you can do in it? Funniest thing I have heard in days. And a minecraft rip off? No way. They were released to the public within 5 months of eachother, terraria being first. There are 29 bosses in terraria, and only 2 in minecraft. There are hundreds of enemies, around 30 npc's that can move in with you and sell things. Over 900 weapons, with spears, swords, guns, bows, lasers, staffs, flails, throwing weapons. And over 300 accessories that boost stats and help you progress. over 30 sets of armor, 28 ores, and countless biomes. There is the underworld, and dungeons. You can get or make mods easily. There are over 400 tiles that you can build with in minecraft, and wire, and logic gates, switches, spawner statues, and MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH more. I see no way that minecraft is in any way superior than terraria.

  • Isn't it obvious why? Terraria has more content in general.

  • Anyone who has not tried both games does not have a valid opinion. I used to LOVE Minecraft. I mean, absolutely ADORE it. And still, now, I think it is a pretty decent game. Minecraft just got worn out and repetitive. Start the world, chop a tree, craft tools, enter a cave, exit with diamonds, build a house, and on and on and on. Terraria is far less repetitive. Different ores, biomes, and even bosses in every new world. Also, I'd like to point out some flaws in the Minecraft side arguments -"Potions are better in Minecraft" - Definitely false. -"It's a rip-off" - Oopsie, you just said something super dumb. (Terraria is far more different from Minecraft than you think, and was in development FIRST. If there's a rip off here, it's Minecraft.) -"But we have REDSTONE!!!!" - We have wires. Whoop-dee-doo. Do you have teleporters? Didn't think so. ...some strong points in Terraria... -Dolphin Machine Guns with fancy homing bullets. (Let's face it- who DOESN'T think that's cooler than one type of bow?) -Elaborating on the guns, weapons, in general, are actually interesting. -Bosses that actually do things for you. (Can someone explain the point of the ender dragon?) -The CHOICE to drop or not drop items on death. Don't rebut and say "But what if you want to drop your items?" Choice, I said. Choice. -Would write more but I'm honestly too lazy. In summary, Minecraft and Terraria are both great games, but Terraria is "Awesome!", and Minecraft is more "Eh, pretty good." Don't hate me for having an opinion people.

  • It has so much more content!

  • Minecraft is more customizable and it is more played then tarraria

  • extra dimension

  • Minecraft is a really great game.Minecraft is a first person builder game.Also you can create your imagination in Minecraft

  • There is just so much things you can do with it! If I get bored, I can just build a redstone computer or make an adventure map!

  • I personally like Minecraft better, why? Terraria is a RPG with sandbox elements. Minecraft is a sandbox with RPG elements. Sometimes, I might get bored and clueless with Terraria, and not be able to do anything, but with Minecraft, I can exit the world and hop on to a customized server or creative! I personally do think I am more of a creative person, and not-so-much RPG. Sorry Terraria, but its Minecraft time!

  • @bpeast Um, so what? Minecraft has way more things you can do in it. All Terraria is is a button masher. And, TBH I've never seen a Minecraft rip-off so unimpressive.

  • Terraria is not bad, but I honestly like Minecraft's creativity, build-based gameplay, better controls, inventory, and is much more fun to me. Terraria does have more structures to explore, but Minecraft is starting to rival that more with each update.

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