Test: Are you more Egalitarian, Eugenicist, Utilitarian, Nepotist, or Elitist?

Posted by: Skynet

You are in charge of the last rocket to leave Earth before it becomes uninhabitable to human life. How do you determine who gets to board the rocket and live, and what does it say about your philosophy?

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An intelligence test.

I'm afraid we can only afford to save the best and brightest. The ignorant have always slowed progress. This is a regrettable way to advance the species, but rest assured, this distillation of minds is for the better. (You're an elitist. You...  will live out your days in company worthy of your time.   more
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A skills test.

With limited resources we have little room for error. Everyone must serve the survival of the group. (You are Utilitarian. If you don't produce, we could always use more fertilizer in the hydroponics bay)
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Who's my friend? Who's my family?

I'm sorry, but my friends and family have my loyalty and first allegiance. It is the honorable thing to do. (You're a bit of a nepotist. You are now the envy of royalty.)
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Random lottery.

No one deserves more of a chance than anyone else...Even criminals and the insane. (You lean egalitarian. Hey, why are you in charge of who gets to live?!)
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A genetic test to weed out bad genetic traits.

We're down to a very small gene pool. We can't afford lethal mutations if the species is to survive. (You favor Eugenics. Say hi to Goebbels for me.)
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TBR says2015-04-20T19:15:53.0728424-05:00
Skynet says2015-04-20T19:16:09.2212566-05:00
Psst.. I've got the answer key to the intelligence test...
Skynet says2015-04-20T19:17:23.2599379-05:00
Well, we could always use more ice cream. And 3 flavors is a more efficient use of our limited space. Welcome aboard, TBR!
Skynet says2015-04-20T20:42:58.3174799-05:00
Here's one for you, HitlerBirthday! Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=kHmYIo7bcUw
Nuzlocke4 says2015-04-20T21:36:28.7268310-05:00
I just hope that the eugenics kids don't win lol.

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