• The Beatles

  • 5 Seconds of summer

84% 32 votes
16% 6 votes
  • Better sound, better legacy.

  • the Beatles are legendary. dont compare them to nobodies like 5 seconds of flopping

    Posted by: abj30
  • Is there really much to compare? The answer is pretty obvious so I don't see no reason to put down any facts but I will gladly supply some if anyone wants to challenge me.

  • 5 seconds of summer wont be remembered in 5 years. The beatles are legendary.

  • 5SOS simply wouldn't exist without the Beatles. Any metaphors in their music may be a little hard to grasp if you happen to be closed-minded. I must say, 5SOS is catchy- but mainly because they used the same abused chord progressions originally founded by the Beatles and the American blues artists the Beatles brought to light.

  • The Beatles, mate! They're timeless, unlike the flopping nobodies that nobody will remember hundreds of years from now! Plus, The Beatles have better songs; Hell, even the Beatles' worst songs are and always will be better than anything these churned out songs 5 Failures of Summer will ever put out!

  • No need for a explanation here

  • The Beatles hands down

    Posted by: vettel
  • 5SOS writes about real issues young people today are facing, such as depression, broken homes, feeling invisible, etc. They have saved countless lives through their music. They are simply not appreciated enough.

  • The Beatles are overrated.

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talishaisawesome says2016-11-30T16:36:17.2544260Z
I dont like either one
brycef says2016-12-12T06:29:29.1158087Z
I just listened to 5 Seconds of Summer for the first time, just for this poll. It's absolutely awful, generic, bland, manufactured, meaningless pop rock. Seriously kids, listen to something better.
skippy4 says2017-01-06T03:05:57.3482750Z
@brycef its not meaningless to their fans. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean other people don't. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who constantly feels like a loser. 5 seconds of summer writes songs about embracing that, quote their song She's Kinda Hot, "They say we're losers and we're alright with that..." Most people think this song is about some good looking girl but it has a much deeper meaning than that. In fact, a girl is only mentioned in the first 47 seconds of a 3:39 song. I respect your opinion if you don't like them, but please do not call them meaningless when they mean so much to so many people.
LexiPro says2017-06-27T03:54:57.2974937Z
Being a fan of both, I can't vote on this. The Beatles are legendary, but 5 Seconds of Summer haven't been around long enough to know what they'll do. But those saying that 5 Seconds of Summer is "meaningless" and "generic" need to keep in mind how The Beatles got so popular. Paul McCartney himself said that "John and [him] literally used to sit down and say, 'Now, let's write a swimming pool.'”

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