The best sport on ice?

Posted by: twosocks

There are many sports but there are only 2 main sports played on ice, so which is better, figure skating or hockey?

  • Figure skating

  • Hockey

37% 7 votes
63% 12 votes
  • I like hockey better(I play both) because the girls are a lot nicer because the people I figure stake with are bitches also the atmosphere in my figure skating club is horrible and I would not recommend it to anyone I try to talk my friends out of figure skating because they shouldn't have to deal with all the bullying that goes on... I love the sport but I favor hockey because it is more enjoyable to me

    Posted by: kossk
  • hockey is the best!!!!!

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farmerjump1 says2016-10-27T17:45:50.8495430Z
Why isnt underwater basket weaving in the vote...?
Dirty-Morgs says2017-01-09T16:02:35.4808436Z
Curling is the best

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